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Self-mailers… No Envelope, No Problem!


Simple & Dynamic Self-mailers have been growing in popularity, they offer a variety of benefits ranging from reduced costs to ease of stock management. If you are unfamiliar with self-mailers, they are created from a single sheet of paper that is folded into a self-contained mail piece. The size of the sheet determines how many panels the self-mailer contains, and the available space you will have for marketing [...]

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Envelopes That Make An Impact


First Impressions You might have an impeccably designed direct mail piece, a once in a lifetime incentive, but all that doesn’t matter if your mail piece just ends up in the blue bin.  The first goal of every envelope is to get it opened. So, How can my envelope make a great first impression? So finding the right envelope to maximize performance takes work and there are a variety [...]

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Transpromo & The Evolution of Invoices


The Evolution Invoices have evolved in the last couple of decades as prime real estate for marketing and keeping your clients intouch with the goings-on with your company. They give another opportunity to stay in touch, and if you are not utilizing them to communicate with your customers, you are really missing out. 96 % of customers open their transaction documents on a regular basis. The added engagement received [...]

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Smartmail Marketing


Smartmail Marketing by Canada Post Reaching customers has never been easier with Canada Post’s wide range of Smartmail Marketing Solutions. Whether it is reaching out to existing customers or prospecting for new ones, Canada Post offers a variety of different options that strike a balance between targeting and cost. That said, knowing which service to choose and how to leverage its strengths to maximize your reach and response can [...]

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Direct Mail for Elections


Campaigning Made Easy Connecting with Voters is the difference between winning and losing at the polls. Crafting the right message, that is delivered to the right people at the right time, is critical for success. Whether it be municipal, provincial, or federal elections, IDRS can provide quality and timely creative, print and mailing services. We make campaigning simple! IDRS offers voters essentials for direct mailing [...]

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Driving Traffic to Your Business


Growing Your Business When launching a new store, or adding another to your growing business, the task list can feel almost endless.  All to often retailers will leave Direct Mail campaigns as a final consideration, when they should be much higher up that list. Driving traffic and increasing sales should be one of your top priorities.  Reaching the right audience with a relevant message is critical in delivering the [...]

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Smartmail Marketing by Canada Post


Introducing the three C's by Canada Post Canada Post has developed a program that helps you market better through direct mail. What does this mean for your marketing campaigns? Connect with your customers Captivate their interests Convert them for a better bottom line https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4JItplIkI0 Connect By going through a Smartmail Marketing Partner or even taking advantage of Canada Post marketing tools, you can save time [...]

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