First Impressions

You might have an impeccably designed direct mail piece, a once in a lifetime incentive, but all that doesn’t matter if your mail piece just ends up in the blue bin.  The first goal of every envelope is to get it opened. So, How can my envelope make a great first impression?

So finding the right envelope to maximize performance takes work and there are a variety of tactics direct mailers use to give their piece the best chance of success.

Envelope Design

Envelope Design - Reading MailThe Look and Feel

Often, before a prospect even looks at your piece, they feel it. The weight of the piece, the texture of the paper, these subtle sensations can make your piece stand out. Anything that sets your piece apart will lead to getting it noticed in the mailbox.

Envelope Teaser Copy

Envelope teasers are intriguing short phrases, sentences, or slogans on the exterior of a direct mail piece. Envelopes with a visual, tactical appeal attract attention. An effective direct mail envelope teaser can potentially decide whether your direct mail gets read or dumped by the recipient.Envelope Design

Teaser copy can be a delicate art. Say too much and the prospect might make a quick judgement that finds you in the blue bin. Say too little and you’re not appealing enough to give a chance. Teaser copy should do just that, tease people. You don’t need to rely on it to sell what you are offering (that’s what the offer is for). Moreover, its goal is to be intriguing enough that the prospect feels they can’t walk away from it.

Size and Shape

This consideration is often made after the mail piece has been designed.  Size and shape are often an afterthought, but they can make a big difference in the impact of your mail piece.

The standard for envelopes is the #10, it’s what most people rely on to get the job done, but its huge popularity gives you the opportunity to stand out.  A larger envelope really makes a statement in the mailbox and can give you that extra impact you need to get noticed.

Machineable Envelope Samples

In addition to sizes and shapes, you can also garner more interest with creative use of windows. A Teaser copy can be printed on the mail piece and displayed through the window. This tactic allows you to try multiple teasers without the added cost of ordering customized envelopes.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Professional advice goes a long way in refining your mailing strategy, of which envelopes are only a part.  If you need help with your envelopes, feel free to reach out to the professionals at IDRS for advice.

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