The Evolution

Invoices have evolved in the last couple of decades as prime real estate for marketing and keeping your clients intouch with the goings-on with your company. They give another opportunity to stay in touch, and if you are not utilizing them to communicate with your customers, you are really missing out.

96 % of customers open their transaction documents on a regular basis.

The added engagement received when a customer opens and reviews their bill is the perfect opportunity to put your message directly in front of your customers.  Invoices are typically reviewed more than once, and often by different people in the company. Moreover, they are not discarded like typical promotional mail.

Reading InvoiceCustomize your Invoice

Since invoices are by default already customized, it often costs nothing to add a promotional message to your invoices. Even creating multiple messages, customized to the type of client being billed, is possible with no real cost, beyond that of setup.

Tailoring the message is important and marketing messages can easily be disguised as helpful advice or tips.  For example, making customers aware of your referral programs doesn’t look out of place on an invoice.  Advising a customer that they might save 20% on their next order by referring to another customer is a great way to both inform and educate the customer and deliver your marketing message.


Your Invoice is Transpromotional

Adding marketing messages to your “transactional documents” with customers. This channel is called Transpromotional Mail or Transpromo for short. That means staying in touch with customers whether it be face to face, over the phone, digitally, or via the mail. Ultimately, utilizing as many channels as possible. Maximizing each channel can play an important role in customer retention and keeping them engaged with you and your products.

Give it a Try!

So, start brainstorming, and if you are interested in trying a Transpromo on your next invoice mailing feel free to reach out to IDRS for advice.

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