Smartmail Marketing by Canada Post

Reaching customers has never been easier with Canada Post’s wide range of Smartmail Marketing Solutions. Whether it is reaching out to existing customers or prospecting for new ones, Canada Post offers a variety of different options that strike a balance between targeting and cost.

That said, knowing which service to choose and how to leverage its strengths to maximize your reach and response can be tricky, but hopefully we can shed some light on that today.

Canada Post offers three primary services:

Neighbourhood Mail, Postal Code Targeting, Personalized Mail

Each of these services has its own advantages and disadvantages, allowing you to tighten or widen your selection from selecting an individual by name, to selecting a block of homes by postal code, or to selecting an entire city or even certain streets.

Direct Mail Marketing SolutionsNeighbourhood mail

The broadest, and least expensive, of the three services, it’s also the work horse for many direct mailers.  No other service will allow you to reach more customers at a better price point than Neighbourhood mail. It allows you to select customers based on their demographic details and geographic location. Neighbourhood mail allows you to blanket any area you choose but still remain targeted enough to produce results.

While this service is considered the least personal, it can be used to advertise to areas in a radius around a business. Whether you’re promoting a grand opening or just want to remind customers in your area that you’re there to help, it can still feel very local and relevant.

As the least expensive of the three services, this cost effectiveness allows you to really spread your message while staying within budget.

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Postal Code TargetingDirect Mail Marketing Solutions

Postal Code targeting does just what its name says, it allows you to pick specific postal codes that are of interest to you, to target in a non-personalized mail campaign.

Each postal code contains an average of 20 addresses, but as a non-personalized mail service, this is considered very tight targeting.  Postal Code Targeting allows you to look at where your existing customers come from and target prospects with similar attributes.

At $0.34 per piece, it’s much less expensive than Personalized mail, but still gives you extremely tight targeting abilities, making it a hit among anyone prospecting for new customers that want to avoid a lot of waste.

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Personalized MailDirect Mail Marketing Solutions

Starting with the most targeted (and most costly) option, personalized mail allows you to speak to an individual customer. This service is perfect for promotions that are personalized and seek to generate loyalty through one-to-one engagement.

This service is ideal for those with an existing list of customers that they would like to reach out to personally, while capitalizing on their existing relationship. At $0.515 per piece, you need to mail a minimum of 100 pieces to access this rate. But if you want to be personal, this is the service to choose.

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We can help

If you still find yourself needing help picking the right service, consider reaching out to us. IDRS is proud to be a Canada Post Expert Partner. If you are new to Direct Mail or just want some help coordinating a campaign, let us take care of the details.

Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner

From designing your piece to match Canada Posts standards, to mail prep, sorting, and printing, we have the expertise to make your campaign successful.

If you would like to find out more or just discuss your options, feel free to call us at 604-951-6855 or click here to contact us online.

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