Direct MailGrowing Your Business

When launching a new store, or adding another to your growing business, the task list can feel almost endless.  All to often retailers will leave Direct Mail campaigns as a final consideration, when they should be much higher up that list.

Driving traffic and increasing sales should be one of your top priorities.  Reaching the right audience with a relevant message is critical in delivering the traffic and sales that will make your business successful.

38% of Canadians say that advertising received in the mailbox gets them to visit a retail store.

While you may understand the importance of driving sales, you may be wondering how best to accomplish this, the following are tips on how to get the most from your direct mail campaign.

Direct Mail, Building BuzzBuilding Buzz Locally

Some of your best customers are the ones that are closest. Start by reaching households within driving distance.  Start building buzz by teasing your new store or location.  Once you’re open, ensure customers know where you are located, and give them a reason to stop in.  A great incentive or coupon will help drive customers to your location.

Find the right style of customer

Repeat and loyal customers form the backbone of most businesses, but those high value customers are often hard to find. Utilizing Canada Post and its tools to layer psychographic and behavioral details over your geographic area can be a great way to identify high value customers that are in your area.

Direct Mail, Driving TrafficExcite existing customers

Never forget your existing customers, a personalized mail campaign is a great way to make them feel valued and drive sales.  Always remember, acquiring a new customer is more difficult than keeping an existing one.


Direct Mail shouldn’t do all the work on its own.  Support your other marketing media and reinforce your brand and message. Integrating your digital and direct mail campaigns have been shown to increase attention by 39% and lead to 10% better brand recall.

Finally, If you would like some help, we are always happy to discuss your direct mail options. Our team has years of experience, and we would love to apply that expertise to your next direct mail campaign.  Feel free to call us at (604) 951-6855 or click here to contact us online.

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