Why is clean data important?

IDRS Data Cleansing Services

There are so many reasons why clean data is paramount when addressing mail. When mailing new or existing clients, it’s important to ensure your message ends up in the right hands. Many companies have data that is not always up to date and may also have false information.

Understandably, sifting through this information can eat up a considerable amount of time and effort. Not having clean data can result in returned, undeliverable or erroneous mail, which is not only costly but can also damage your brand.

National Change of Address (NCOA)

To ensure clean data, companies that know the value of ensuring their data is constantly run against the Canada Post National Change of Address (NCOA) database before delivery see more favorable outcomes from their mailings.

NCOA file includes three critical capabilities:

  • Updated mover address – Keeping you in contact with your customers when they move.
  • Suppression – NCOA also allows you to suppress people who have moved but provided no forwarding address.
  • Deceased Suppression – facilitates the removal of deceased customers.

The Result of a Data Cleanse

Typically 10% or more of a customer’s file is changed when they take the opportunity to do a data cleanse. This can significantly affect the success of a campaign and limit unnecessary customer service issues.

IDRS can help!

We offer many other data cleansing services that will help you improve your ROI.  Below is a list of some of them:

IDRS Data Cleansing Services IDRS Data Cleansing Services IDRS Data Cleansing Services
IDRS Data Cleansing Services IDRS Data Cleansing Services IDRS Data Cleansing Services

Reach out to our team and ensure that your mailings stay on track and go to the right place.  As a certified Expert partner, IDRS is your one stop shop for constructing a smooth efficient mailing each and every time.  Let us take the mystery out of Direct Mail!

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