The Shift in Media

Technology has radically evolved how people both consume media and interact with brands. The focus of marketing today is to create a marketing ecosystem where channels work together to accomplish your marketing goals. Direct mail provides an opportunity to connect technology with the personalized touch of physically providing tangible marketing material. Let’s talk about the shift in media and the different ways direct mail plays a role in todays marketing.

changing role of direct mail in your marketing mix

Relevance is important

First, customers’ actions are more often influenced by relevance. Customers are less likely to be loyal to a company or brand that does not fit into their everyday life. So thinking about how that product fits into their life ? and, what kind of experiences will they have with the product? plays a major part of the direct marketing experience.

Boosting customer connections

Integrating direct mail with social media and digital platforms can greatly enhance customer engagement. Direct mail can improve relevance through careful targeting and personalization, while the physicality of your mail piece increases memorability. So consider utilizing direct mail to support your other channels’ marketing efforts.

Amplify your brand

Next, direct mail amplifies your brand by:

  • Accelerating customers awareness
  • Driving sales

Both of these attribute to relevant and memorable to existing customers or new prospects. Effective marketing means being able to build your brand while simultaneously converting new customers.

Direct mail through other channels

Utilizing search data, site traffic, social data, and postal codes can help you better physically target your direct mail. Data can also be used to better target the message of your mail piece. Finding your audience is a vital part of the creation direct mail piece. Targeting personal life elements within your desired clientele is a surefire way to increase your direct mail relevance.

Your customers’ experience

Finally, Direct mail allows you to deliver much more memorable and emotionally engaging content. Consider using direct mail to enhance your brand’s storytelling and personality. Thus, creating a unique customer experience with direct mail.

These topics will help you focus your own marketing message and help you see the role that direct mail plays in the ever-evolving marketing mix. If you need help or would like to discuss better ways to utilize direct mail, reach out to your friends at IDRS we are always happy to help.

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