It’s all about the FIT!

Finding the right envelope is important for the presentation of your mail. First impressions matter, your mail is an extension of you and your company. You ALWAYS want to find the right envelope size and shape for your project.

You should always consider the finished size of the insert and how you would like it to fit into an envelope. The insert should be smaller than your envelope size.


The type of envelope should reflect what’s inside. Envelopes come in all styles and sizes. Envelope styles a mainly broken down into commercial, A-style, catalog, booklet, remittance, donation, and specialty.

The most common size of envelopes are:

No.9 – Commercial 3 7/8″ X 8 7/8″
No.10 – Commercial 4 1/8″ x 9 1/2″
No.2.5 – Booklet 5 3/4″ x 9 1/2″
No.7 – Booklet 9″ x 12″
No.8 – Booklet 10″ x 13″


Another thought to consider is the orientation of your envelope. Basically, what side do you want the opening of envelope? The opening is determined not by the orientation of the top flap but by the length of the side where the opening appears.

Envelope Orientation

  • Open Side (OS)
    Envelope flap opens on the long dimension
  • Open End (OE) *
    Envelope flap opens on the short dimension


Each style has its own look and advantages. The seams of an envelope are located in the back behind the flap.

Seam variations include:

  • Center Seams– Most commonly used on coin and catalog envelopes.
  • Diagonal Seams– Used on commercials and pointed flap baronials.
  • Side Seams– Provide a large area for printing on the back, as in reverse face, collection and booklet envelopes.
  • Weld Seams– Eliminate die cutting and can be produced to permit insertion and trimming in a magazine. The envelope’s pocket size is determined by the distance between the internal gum lines.
Envelope Seam Variations


Bottom and side flaps form an envelope’s body and are usually permanently bonded in the folding operation. Seal flaps vary widely among envelopes styles. The most common flap shapes are:

Envelope Flap Variations

* Please note additional hand insertion charges may apply when choosing non-machinable envelopes

For more information about envelopes and which envelope works for your mailing give us a call at 604-951-6855 or click here to connect with a direct mail professional about your next mailing.

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