Envelopes That Make An Impact


First Impressions You might have an impeccably designed direct mail piece, a once in a lifetime incentive, but all that doesn’t matter if your mail piece just ends up in the blue bin.  The first goal of every envelope is to get it opened. So, How can my envelope make a great first impression? So finding the right envelope to maximize performance takes work and there are a variety [...]

Envelopes That Make An Impact2022-11-24T14:29:39-08:00

The Right Envelope


It's all about the FIT! Finding the right envelope is important for the presentation of your mail. First impressions matter, your mail is an extension of you and your company. You ALWAYS want to find the right envelope size and shape for your project. You should always consider the finished size of the insert and how you would like it to fit into an envelope. The insert should be [...]

The Right Envelope2022-11-24T16:12:25-08:00
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