Which Direct Mail Service is Right For Me?

When you’re choosing a set of services for your direct mail campaign there are a lot of choices! Breaking down your needs, and the needs of your direct mail-outs, gives you solid footing to make the right service selections.

In general there are three main types of services that are required by companies who are sending traditional direct mail.

• Data Management
• Printing and Design
• Mail Processing and Delivery

Data Management

1. Database management: Managing your own customer list databases can be a cumbersome task. Putting your mailing lists and customer databases in the hands of professionals ensures that your systems run smoothly and mail-outs reach their proper destinations every time.

2. Data Cleansing: If you don’t want your entire database managed you can usually enlist a subset of smaller services. Data cleansing filters your mailing lists and deletes duplicate addresses and undeliverable destinations from your lists.

Pick the right direct mail service set that’s right for you and reap the rewards of a successful direct mail campaign.

Printing and Design

1. Printing: In many cases a direct mail service provider, like IDRS, can print, fold, insert and deliver your mailings from start to finish. Using one provider for all services can cut down on total lead time and extra shipping costs associated with moving printed materials from one company warehouse to another.

2. Creative design: Taking the process one step further, capable direct mail companies can build your advertisement from the ground up, using creative design teams to develop your mailers. Often, using a set of services such as creative design, printing, lettershop preparation and shipping comes with significant discounts.

Mail Processing and Delivery

In terms of direct mail campaigns the most common lettershop service required is basic postal delivery. Direct Mail can fall under, Addressed Postal Delivery or Unaddressed Postal Delivery.

1. Addressed Postal Delivery refers to any mail piece that is processed with names and addresses for bulk delivery. There are several different postal options to be considered when planning an addressed direct mail piece; a few of these options include the dimensions, the content and the quantity. To take advantage of the most economical postage rate it is important to consult with a lettershop or mail service provider to explore which addressed postal option is the most cost effective option.

2. Unaddressed Postal Delivery (Unaddressed Admail) allows you to target prospects based on region and basic demographics (ie. Age, household income level etc). Every mailbox inside a specified region meeting the selected criteria receives a copy of your mail-out, putting your advertisement in more hands for less cost per delivery and eliminating the processing and sorting fees that is associated with addressed direct mail.