The Power of Polybagging and Why You Should Try It

Let’s first understand what polybagging is at its basic foundation.

polybagging servicesThe traditional definition is a clear plastic or polyethylene bag used to package a number of items together, but especially one used to package small supplementary publications from a newspaper or magazine. We’ve also seen entire magazines poly bagged with accompanying pieces like subscription offers and brochures.

This is the sort of polybagging we are accustomed to and see every day. It is something that was born out of necessity and it made sense.

Today, we are seeing a shift from traditional polybagging to polybagging that is being used in the direct mail industry as a marketing tool. Imagine receiving a direct mail piece with a clear envelope. Would that peak your interest?

Direct mailers in North America – PAY ATTENTION! Polybagging has been recognized as a powerful tool and used frequently in Europe for many years already, and we are now catching up in North America. It is gaining more popularity here for many reasons, as follows:

High open rates

Probably the #1 reason you would want to use a polybag is so that you can achieve a high open rate. Experience shows that poly bagged pieces gets opened more frequently and quicker than traditional direct mail pieces. The visibility of the contents not only stimulates interest but makes more of an impact and lasting impression on the recipient. This reason in itself should be convincing enough to use or try polybagging.

Cost efficiency

Not only are you going to get higher open rates, but you can also achieve this at the same costs or in some cases even cheaper than using traditional envelopes. First, polybagging keeps your package light and the postage cost low. The ability to polybag large pieces could save big time vs. having to use large (i.e. 9” x 12”) envelopes which can be quite expensive. As well, not using an envelope means not having to pay for printing and design on the envelope!


Polybagging is probably the most versatile housing for your mail piece. Polybagging conforms to the size of your package, rather than the package having to conform to the size of your envelope. The poly can take the shape of any size mail piece, from a small and thin package to a reasonably large and thick package. The poly also makes your piece durable and well protected from water damage and ripping. Lastly, polybagging machines are capable of producing as high as 10,000 pieces per hour. Polybagging is time effective and efficient, keeping your important turnaround times to a minimum.

AT IDRS, WE KNOW POLYBAGGING! In fact, we recently installed a brand new high-speed polybag machine that is the most efficient and versatile in British Columbia.


  • We use 100% environmentally-friendly biodegradable poly
  • We can include up to 6 pieces in the package
  • Fast turnaround times due to high speed polybagging capabilities
  • We can insert inside the publication (blow in insert)

Please feel free to contact us and find out about receiving your first polybag mailing for up to 30% off. Some conditions apply.