The Direct Mail Ritual

Canada post recently released a new Whitepaper titled, “Break Through the Noise”.  The theme of the paper is getting noticed by consumers who are bombarded with competing messages. The full paper can be viewed here.

One area of focus from the paper is taking advantage of the ritual and routine of direct mail to get your message noticed.  Collecting mail is part of the “coming home” ritual, mail is typically collected daily or every second day.  Immediately a sorting process begins as consumers flip through their mail “grading” its importance, promotional mail is sorted by relevance and anything interesting is usually read on the spot or kept for later review.

This is an interesting element of Direct Mail that gives the channel a unique feel.   In contrast online communications can be easily flagged for deletion without ever opening, or reviewing the contents of the offer. Digital mail is less ritualized as you can access this media a variety of ways either on mobile devices or at your work or home computer.

Taking advantage of the ritualized nature of direct mail can allow you to take advantage of a quiet part of the day that consumers specifically dedicate to collecting and reviewing their mail.  Add to this the physical nature of Direct Mail and you have a channel that can really get your message noticed.

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