Variable Data Printing

What is Variable Printing?

Variable Data Printing (or variable digital printing) helps you increase your response rate by personalizing each element of your direct mail campaign. It’s the most versatile form of printing that allows you to create variable images for personalized and customized letters, flyers, brochures and other marketing collateral. It’s a fast and affordable printing method that gives you the flexibility to change your artwork on the fly without having to compromise quality.  Add variable data content to any project and produce a personalized piece customized to suite the client you are addressing.

Benefits of Using Variable Data Printing

Research has proven that personalized letters are much more likely to be opened, and the more personalized elements you include the higher your response rate is likely to be. Our variable printing systems are highly advanced and will allow you to personalize anything and everything on your next direct mailing. You can even have multiple different variable letters to ensure that each and every one of your customers is targeted perfectly.

Variable Printing at IDRS

From 1,000 to 1,000,000 our high-speed laser & inkjet printers produce high quality images in black and full colour quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. And with the capability to print over 35,000 pieces per hour, on coated or uncoated stock, printing with IDRS is a hassle-free, quality, guaranteed operation.

Ask our in-house experts to help you design your next direct mail marketing campaign using variable data printing. Contact us today!