UV Coating

If you are a user of digital printing applications such as postcards, brochures, business cards, presentation folders, flyers, posters and more, then look to IDRS for all of your UV coating needs.

UV coating can provide greater print protection by adding a protective layer to guard against document wear and tear. It also provides an aesthetic element by strengthening colors and sharpening the graphics on your end product applications.

UV coating isĀ an opportunity to economically protect and enhance the look of your printed materials; it is also an environmentally friendly alternative to expensive laminating.

What is UV Coating?

UV Coating is a liquid based, protective coating which is applied to your printed mail piece. When the printed page is covered with the UV coating it is then exposed to ultra violet lamps, the coating is cured instantaneously by the UV light emitted from these lamps leaving an extremely high gloss finish.

Benefits of UV coatings include:

  • Enhances colors and tones making colours more vibrant and graphics sharper
  • High gloss mail pieces that is sure to be noticed by your customers
  • Instantaneous curing
  • Protective coating increasing outdoor endurance and mail office processing and handling
  • Higher rub/scuff resistance
  • Less expensive coating option
  • Uv coating is recyclable
  • Uv coating does not add a measurable thickness to the printed product