International Postal Service

International Postal ServiceOur secure warehouse and inventory management system enables IDRS to fulfill direct from our facility. The synergies we have established with global transportation links has proven to be vital to the success of fulfilling our client’s orders worldwide. It has also proven to be vital to the success of our clients overall campaign.  It’s because of these relationships combined with the volume of international mail we process IDRS is able to offer very competitive postage rates.

Only after years of experience in this niche market was IDRS able to develop and offer our clients a customized web portal solution designed to enhance and improve both campaign management and database management efficiencies for international direct mailers. This system offers a comprehensive range of portal offerings that include detailed campaign creation applications, order capturing and a 24/7 real-time report analysis.

International Postal Service (Including USA)

IDRS offers direct injection to the USA through the United States Postal Service (USPS) and a variety of international options including Royal Mail (UK), and International direct injection.

Use our international postal solutions to best fit your foreign mailing needs. We can help you determine what international postage method is the best fit for your piece. Postal savings using our foreign postal service options will almost always save you time and money. Take advantage of our expertise. We are more than happy to help.

Mail Piece Consulting Service

Let our direct mail marketing experts take a look at your piece and provide you with honest feedback to help ensure that the piece delivers the results you’re counting on.  Learn more about our direct mail consultation service.