Direct Mailing Services  Whether you need help developing an entire campaign, or just need a few suggestions, we’ve got the solutions. Our direct mailing services consultants have plenty of experience from past direct mailing campaigns and will ensure your campaign delivers.

By combining your vision with our technical knowledge and direct mailing services IDRS can help you achieve a cost effective approach to your next DM campaign.

We highly recommend that our customers consult with us prior to making any concrete decisions regarding the format of their next direct mail piece.

Direct Mailing Services Assessment

Review – Content, Format and Database

If there is an opportunity to achieve machineabililty rates or simply take your DM piece from Lettermail to Addressed Admail rates, IDRS can help guide you through the required adjustments to qualify.

By allowing IDRS to review the database in advance we can ensure the format is correct, confirm the validity and accuracy of the addresses as well as identify any undeliverable addresses in order to avoid paying postage and processing fees on mail that will never reach their intended destination.

Identify any potential money saving tips and tricks that could be implemented and provide costing on alternative options

Few examples of measures that can be taken to alleviate additional mailing costs include simply switching from a window envelope to a non-window envelope, providing multi-up forms or applying or removing a wafer-seal tab.

Execute the strategy and review

We like to ensure our customers get the best results from their marketing efforts and we encourage customers to monitor and inform us of their results and experience so we can take the opportunity to tweak future campaigns if necessary.

 International Mailing Consulting Services

IDRS’s international direct mailing service is a start-to-finish operation from campaign development and implementation to program maintenance, order fulfillment and customer support. We’ve been working with international clients for many years and can also offer international postal services. Developing a campaign and knowing how to pair the right list with the right offer is critical and often tricky. We have an innovative yet simplified approach to achieving this. Contact us today for more information our international consultants are standing by to talk you through the realm of international direct mail marketing.