Bulk Mail Service

Bulk Mail Service

IDRS bulk mail services  is specifically designed to eliminate those costly processing fees. Let our team of direct mailing professionals coordinate your next bulk mailing to ensure you’re maximizing your ROI.

Bulk mail advertising and promotional items mailed to Canadian & US addresses qualify for reduced bulk mailing service rates.

Traditionally “bulk mail” refers to larger quantities of mail prepared by a bulk mail service provider at reduced postage rates offered by the postal authorities. In Canada bulk mail refers to any large volume mailing for all types of Canada Post bulk mail services including, Incentive Lettermail, Addressed or Unaddressed Admail and Publications Mail. As far as USPS goes, the term “Bulk Mail” is synonymous with commercial, business, or advertising mail it refers to services such as First- Class Mail, Standard Mail and Periodical Mail.

Bulk mail is an extremely advantageous form of direct mail. It’s not only cost-effective but it is also flexible, allowing you to be as targeted and personal as you need to be. The advantage of using IDRS as your bulk mail service provider is that we can help you choose which postal service will work best with you north or south of the border.

IDRS has been fitted with the right people and the most reliable automated equipment to provide bulk mail services to handle any size of mass mailing.

Bulk Mail Discounts

IDRS can help you achieve postal discounts on your bulk mail by sorting the addresses in the data file using a SERP certified software. This software is responsible for sorting your records by postal code and letter carrier walk sequence and then assigning bundling and sequence codes, this determines how your mail will be prepped and what level of discount will be received.

Other factors that impact the postal discount achieved include the design and weight of your mailer as well as the distribution density of your list. With our depth of knowledge of bulk mailing services IDRS can help you maximize your discounts and save on your bottom line.