Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Services

From consulting to order fulfillment, IDRS offers solutions for all of your direct mail needs.

Our partnership with Canada Post allows us to help you work through all of the regulations of direct mail. Our direct marketing team is dedicated to making sure your next mailing goes flawlessly and delivers the results that you’re counting on. Whether a small or large volume, and regardless of the type of mailing you’re looking to mail, IDRS can help to ensure that your next direct mail campaign delivers.

IDRS also offers complete parcel processing services including boxing, weighing, mail preparation and much more. You can rely on IDRS to package and prepare your mailing materials and help you to minimize your postage costs at the same time.

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Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a method of advertising used by companies to engage with and communicate to their current customers, past customers and prospects via channels such as (but not limited to) mail, email and mobile messaging in order to retain and acquire new business and generate profitable business results.

IDRS direct mail marketing services include the following services from the beginning to the end of your campaign.


With years of experience in the domestic and international realms of direct mail delivery, IDRS is able to provide innovative yet cost-effective options on the measures that need to be taken to get your mail in the homes and businesses of your target audience.

Canadian Postal Services

We’ve built our brand on providing full service direct mailing solutions and we’ve built our reputation on the collaborative and ongoing relationships we maintain with our customers.

International Postal Services

Our international division is comprised of talented and motivated individuals who have nearly 20 years each of specialized international direct mail experience. They are dedicated to help design client acquisition and retention campaigns with positive offer and design elements. 

Lettershop Services

As a full-service lettershop the services provided are suitable for all organizations and industries. We run an extensive range of high quality, fast, modern automated equipment to fulfill the needs our clients and their mailings. IDRS is a multi-purpose facility, from basic finishing services such as cutting, folding, scoring and perfing capabilities to direct mail services that aren’t usually offered by just a local printer such as inkjetting, tabbing, inserting (with camera verification) and polybagging.

Bulk Mailing Services

Shipping your bulk mail to its final destination on time is a priority. IDRS has built up an efficient delivery network made up of logistic partners and remailers that allows us to provide you with a choice of reliable delivery options. IDRS has a long list of loyal and satisfied customers who trust IDRS with their bulk mailings.Whether it’s Lettermail, Personalized Mail (Addressed Admail), Neighbourhood Mail (Unaddressed Admail) or Publication Mail there has been no size of mailing that we’ve had to turn away. We process large volume mailings of small postcards to oversize magazines everyday on time and on budget.

Order fulfillment services

Early review of a fulfillment program is an essential step that needs to be addressed during campaign development. With IDRS’s help, improve the logistical planning of future fulfillment activities to further drive campaign success. We have experience in kitting perishable and non-perishable sample products, point-of-sale purchase packs and fulfilling orders from jewelry items to books and more.