Database Management Services

Wondering how to get the most out of your data? Database management services offered by IDRS will optimize your customer mailing list and maximize the success of your direct mail marketing campaign. Let the IT professionals at IDRS identify possible opportunities with your database to help you maximize revenue for your next direct mailing.

We can also manage your data securely and efficiently, handling all of the direct mailing lists and database selections for your next mailing. Contact us today to find out more about our database management services.

What is Database Management?

Database management is a field of database marketing used by direct marketers to leverage their existing data by having their data cleansed and updated with the help of proprietary software programs such as Addresses Validation and Correction and National Change of Address (NCOA). Duplicate elimination and merge purge processes are also utilized to remove and extract any duplicate or irrelevant records in effort maximize the effectiveness of the database.

Why is Database Management Important?

Database management is used to enhance and positively impact business performance. An effective database is a source of valuable marketing intelligence which can be turned into an opportunity to drive future sales by gaining new customers and or grow existing ones.

It allows for companies to effectively segment and identify their target audiences in order to reduce waste and increase response.

Why IDRS Does it Best

Quality assurance is the most important element to database management. IDRS has invested in a team of analytical data processors with over 35 years of combined experience who are dedicated to the refinery and integrity of your data.