Data Cleansing & Data Deduplication

Data cleansing (also called data scrubbing or data cleaning) is the act of detecting and removing incorrect data. This data may be out-of-date, redundant, incomplete, or poorly formatted. Inaccurate data can cause multiple problems, including sending expensive incorrect mailings, and making poor business decisions based on false information.

Organizations that underestimate the importance of data cleansing continually accumulate inconsistent data, damaging their database over time. Data cleansing is the first step in harnessing future success; a clean and accurate database is undoubtedly your best source for future sales.

Data Cleansing and Data Deduplication Process

There are five processes involved in data cleansing to successfully manage your lists. First, all past undeliverable mail must be removed. When lists are merged and purged, data deduplication (also called duplicate elimination) must be performed. This is a complex process which carefully matches and identifies similar entries, to determine if they are the same individual or household. We have significant experience with data deduplication, and can simplify and streamline this process for you. Once this is complete, national change of address (NCOA) implementation, address verification, and removal of suppressed records will fine-tune your direct mail database.

These processes ensure your direct mail is only sent to a highly refined and accurate target audience. Ultimately, our data cleansing services will reduce additional costs and grow your margins on your next campaign. Contact us today for a personalized quote.