Address Verification

If you’re looking to save money on Canada Post rates or US Postage rates for your next mailing, address verification (also known as address validation) & correction is an essential step to ensure your database is correctly formatted. Our address verification and correction software will go through your database and update any incorrect or invalid addresses. This increases the deliverability of your next mailing and ensures that you’re not spending money on undeliverable mail.

Canadian Address Verification Services

Did you know?

For Addressed Admail or Publication mailings over 5000 records in Canada, Canada Post requires an accuracy statement of the postal addresses reporting an address accuracy level of 95% or higher prior to inducting into the postal system?  Why pay more than you have to? Take advantage of IDRS’s address verification services and avoid unnecessary postal surcharges on your Canada Post account.

US Address Verification Services

To ensure maximum deliverability, IDRS will validate and correct your US records for all your cross border mailings.