Modern Direct Mail

Recently I read a great article from Forbes on direct mail trends in 2014, which can be found here. modern direct mail results

One point they hit on was targeting older customers since statistically these customers have higher net worth and are less dedicated to electronic mediums. While I agree with their assessment this got me thinking about how important it is for mailers to constantly be evaluating their approach to ensure it still appeals to their target market.

It’s easy to get swept up into the fantastic changes we have seen in direct mail mostly tied to pushing the customer online for response or more information.  While these tactics can be incredibly successful to the right market and will become more important in the future to capture a younger target audience, it’s still important to remember that many older customers are still most comfortable using physical response devices, phoning in donations or orders and even browsing products through physical catalogues.

Online integration can be really exciting but in your race to innovate, sometimes it’s important to stop and consider what customers you may be leaving behind.

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