How to: Reduce Direct Mailing Costs

Whether you’re mining for new customers or trying to keep the attention current ones, direct mail marketing continues to be the leading and reduce direct mail costsmost effective method of traditional direct marketing. As you continue to grow your database, your mailing costs will inevitably increase. Fortunately there are ways to keep those mailing costs in check to ensure your marketing dollars are targeting qualified leads and customers.

Use these tried and tested methods to reduce costs on your direct mail campaigns:

1. Update your mailing list: A simple yet effective way to reduce costs is to keep your mailing list up to date. There are many data cleansing applications that can be run on your data, and if preformed on a regular basis the additional cost of sending to undeliverable addresses, duplicate records and moved or deceased persons is eliminated.

2. Reduce mailer weights and sizes: Direct mail comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, weights and thickness. Without careful consideration a change in size or an additional insert can cause your mail piece to go from short/long rates to oversize (also known as non-standard) rates causing your shipping and postage costs to increase exponentially. Take the time to analyze your mailers to see if there are ways to reduce the overall weight of each unit. Consider printing on thinner materials, known in the industry as lighter paper weights and exclude unnecessary inserts by redesigning your direct mail package.

3. Review postage options: There are multiple postage options available to direct mail marketers. It is more than likely the content and quantity you are mailing would qualify for postage discounts that you may not have considered. Speak to your mail service provider to confirm you are using the most economical delivery service available.

Keep your mail service provider involved and consult with them regards to the validity of your data, the dimensions of your piece and the delivery service being utilized. Take these steps and you’ll be on your way to producing more cost-effective direct mail campaigns!