Getting Noticed with Direct Mail

Canada Post WhitepaperIn our last post we discussed a recent Canada Post Whitepaper titled, “Break Through the Noise”.  The theme of the paper is getting noticed by consumers bombarded with competing messages. The full paper can be viewed here.

The ritual of Direct Mail creates a unique channel conducive to getting your mail noticed. Over half of consumers feel more valued and have a better impression of brands that contact them by mail.

The Canada Post Whitepaper sites that 70% of consumers are curious to find out what’s in their inbox, with 62% of consumers rating catalogues and flyers as the most effective media of advertising messages.

Consumers also noted Direct Mail helped keep the senders brand and promotions on their mind.  80% said they could remember seeing or reading mail sent to them in the last 4 weeks. 60% said that good advertising mail helped keep the senders brand top-of-mind.

And if that’s not enough 85% of consumers said they would open mail if it looks interesting.  That is an open rate that you just cannot achieve with other channels. This study is just further confirmation of what many direct mail marketers already know, Direct Mail works!

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