Get to Know Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing Provides Great ROI

Are you are looking for marketing solutions that allow you to reach your target audience in a way that will translate into a sale and provide a variable data printinggreat ROI? Then variable data printing for direct mailings may be the perfect solution. If you had made the switch from direct mailing to email marketing, you may now need to reconsider that decision. According to Print Is Big, recent figures show the response rate for email marketing has decreased 57 percent, while the response rate for direct mailings is up 14 percent.

This increase may have a lot to do with ability to now use variable data printing instead of only static direct mailings. This has allowed companies to integrate their customer database to target their marketing strategies. Below is some additional information about variable data printing, and how it can boost your business.

What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable data printing is a type of on-demand printing that allows specific images, graphics, or wording to be instantly changed from one piece to the next. It is often used for direct mailings as a way of personalizing the mailing. Some variable printing examples are to integrate a company’s customer database with the printing to include each customer’s name with the mailing versus sending the mailing out to just the occupant or resident.

According to a United States Postal Service Household Diary Study, direct mailings that include the customer’s name are immediately opened 48 percent of the time, versus only 39.6 percent of the time if no name is specified. This is a significant increase in the number of people who will actually look at and read the mailing if variable data printing is used.

Usage of Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing provides a great way to reach out to each customer individually and build a customer relationship. In addition, to including the customer’s name, you can make changes to other wording within the mailing, graphics and/or images. This works great for loyalty programs where you want to thank each customers for their specific level within the loyalty program.

You can offer different deals to different customers to match their interests, past spending habits, gender, age, or location within the same mailing. For example you can use Variable Data Printing within the same mailing to print different themes, graphics or messages depending on the audience, location or age.  This way you do one mailing but every piece could be different depending on the audience.

Success and ROI

As with many business decisions, the type of marketing strategies used often comes down to the ROI figures. Since this type of mailing is more likely to be seen and read by the customers, it is likely to have a better response rate. According to PODi, on average variable data mailings for a lead nurturing campaign have a 300 percent better response rate than standard static mailings.  In fact, variable data mailings provide better rates on nearly all marketing objectives, including direct sales, lead generation, lead nurture, loyalty, and fundraising.

A variable data mailing campaign performed by La Salle Academy was able to increase their donations by 68 percent from when only static mailings were used. Does this translate into a great ROI? According to Cap Venture’s data, and several other sources, the return on investment for variable data mailing is at least 30 times better than the return for static mailings.

These figures are just too great to ignore. There certainly is a trend going back to direct mail marketing and variable data printing is the best solutions with the greatest ROI. When considering starting a direct mailing campaign, be sure to work with a professional printing company that has experience in variable data printing and can help you get the most for your money.