Get Personal

David, if this was your name we would really have your attention right now, and if this is your name you must feel a little creeped out.personal direct mail

Personalization does a wonderful job of grabbing attention and when combined with good copy can really speak to your reader in a sincere way.

We often think of personalization as just using a customer’s name in the copy but personalization can go much, much further.  Often mining your own data can identify a variety of variables that would allow you to customize a customer’s experience.  A car dealership for instance could include variable images based on the model of vehicle a customer owns or include different paragraphs of copy based on their payment terms.

To go one step farther you can even create custom websites for customers using a personalized URL (PURL), there is really no end to the possibilities.

If you’ve only ever personalized your customers name I urge you to consider something new for your next mailing and if you need help, one of our print experts would be happy to walk you through any part of the process.