Boost your response rates with PURLs

About ten years ago Personal URLs or PURLs were merely a marketing novelty, it made a splash then went nowhere for a little while.  PURLs purls boost response rateswere basically like the QR codes of today, a misunderstood marketing tool.  But it was an underachiever waiting to be developed and blossom.

Over the years we’ve realized that PURLs are far from the novelty they were misunderstood to be, but in fact the future of personal direct marketing!  Today they’ve become mainstream, but not mainstream in the sense that every marketing campaign requires a PURL.  It is a mechanism that can be extremely useful for the right campaigns to achieve specific marketing goals.

Typically, PURLs are used in conjunction with a direct mail campaign or with email marketing.  By using PURLs in your next campaign, you’ll be able to benefit from:

  • Increased response rates
  • The ability to track responses in real time, and receive email alerts to instantly follow up with interested prospects
  • Engage customers at a deeper level by collecting valuable information from your prospects, and using that information to make subsequent campaigns even more relevant

PURLs work well because people just love seeing their name.  It makes a connection with them on a more personal level, and personal is always better in advertising and marketing.

When compared with standard direct mail, it may cost a bit more but you have to remember the golden rule: “Personal Direct Marketing doesn’t cost you money; it makes you money”. Usually the more you invest, the bigger your return!  The big companies know it which is why new movies, television shows, and big name brands are getting on board.

But you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to take advantage of this tool.  IDRS can help you utilize and integrate PURLs in your next campaign.  Call IDRS today to find out more.