Clean Data Optimizes Response and ROI

In the direct marketing business, we all know that data is king. Within every database, there are countless opportunities to modify and append your data for marketing purposes. Problem is this becomes dangerous if you’re not practicing proper database upkeep. Read More

The Power of Polybagging and Why You Should Try It

Let’s first understand what polybagging is at its basic foundation. The traditional definition is a clear plastic or polyethylene bag used to package a number of items together, but especially one used to package small supplementary publications from a newspaper Read More

Modern Direct Mail

Recently I read a great article from Forbes on direct mail trends in 2014, which can be found here. One point they hit on was targeting older customers since statistically these customers have higher net worth and are less dedicated Read More

Benefits of Working with a Direct Mail Service Provider – Part 5: Direct Mail Planning

Any good direct marketing campaign should start with a plan. Planning involves a number of steps including setting your campaign objectives, defining your target audience, creating the offer, setting up a budget, and setting up measurements to evaluate the success Read More

Does your mail qualify for Machineable Mail (MM)?

As of 2014, the installation of new automated equipment at Canada Posts new Richmond-located Receipt Verification Unit (RVU) has resulted in a few changes in machineability and readability requirements. Some of the changes outlined below reflect the capabilities of this Read More

Get to Know Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing Provides Great ROI Are you are looking for marketing solutions that allow you to reach your target audience in a way that will translate into a sale and provide a great ROI? Then variable data printing for Read More

Direct Marketing Metrics to Watch

When executing a direct mail marketing campaign you need to know if you’re getting a good return on your investment. Collecting and analyzing your detailed direct mail marketing data allows you to see what’s working, track ROI, identify areas in Read More

Boost your response rates with PURLs

About ten years ago Personal URLs or PURLs were merely a marketing novelty, it made a splash then went nowhere for a little while.  PURLs were basically like the QR codes of today, a misunderstood marketing tool.  But it was Read More

Which Direct Mail Service is Right For Me?

When you’re choosing a set of services for your direct mail campaign there are a lot of choices! Breaking down your needs, and the needs of your direct mail-outs, gives you solid footing to make the right service selections. In Read More

Direct Mail Glossary

Unsure about direct mail services related terms? We’ve built this direct mail glossary for your reference! Address Correction & Validation Computer programs can check each address in your database and verify that the street, city and postal code are correct. Read More

Mail Folding Tips

IDRS can accommodate many types of mail and paper folds. Please refer to diagrams below for available folding options.   Clean Edge Folds Cross Fold / Double Fold Half Fold Roll fold/ Letterfold Non-Clean Edge Folds* Z-Fold Accordion Fold * Read More

What is Data Management?

As Canadians continue to receive a high number of advertisements each day, the need for personalized messaging grows in demand by the Canadian consumer. Database marketing is extremely effective and enables companies to gather the information on their prospects and Read More

Envelope Tips

There are 3 things to consider when ordering envelopes: the orientation the seam and the flap Common envelope sizes # Envelope size (inches) 8 3 5/8 X 6 1/2 8 1/2 3 3/4 X 6 3/4 9 Old 4 X Read More