Benefits of Working with a Direct Mail Service Provider – Part 3: The Importance of Clean Data

When mailing to new or existing clients it’s important to ensure your message ends up in the right hands.  Returned, undeliverable or erroneous mail is not only costly but can also damage your brand.  Canada Post recently released a great paper on Harnessing the Power of Address Information and increasing your ROI.

the importance of clean data in direct mail campaigns

A Direct Mail Service Provider that knows how to manage your data can be invaluable and offer you a variety of ways to improve your customer data, such as:

  • Address standardization – Standardizing addresses is the first step in ensuring accuracy in your data, it ensures all records are in a consistent format and helps with every step to follow.
  • Merge Purge – When combining data from multiple sources this is an essential step to ensure a customer only appears once in your data. It’s not only costly but unprofessional sending duplicate mail.
  • Updated mover address – Keeps you in contact with your customers when they move.  Every year in Canada, approximately 1.2 million households add themselves to the National Change of Address (NCOA) list with Canada Post.
  • Suppression – NCOA also allows you to suppress people who have moved but provided no forwarding address.
  • Deceased Suppression – facilitates the removal of deceased customers.

Typically 10% or more of a customer’s file is changed when all the data-hygiene options are applied. This can significantly affect the success of a campaign and limit unnecessary customer service issues.

Key in your strategy for clean data is to take that 10% (or more) data and update your database each time.  At IDRS  we can help you re-integrate that updated data back into your database and ensure your mailings stay on track and go to the right place.  Reach out to our Data Processing team to get us to work on improving your ROI.

IDRS is your Canada post certified Expert partner for all your Direct Mail campaigns.  From Data to Print to Mail we have you covered.  IDRS is your one stop shop for constructing a smooth efficient mailing each and every time.  Let us take the mystery out Direct Mail!