3 Powerful Reasons to Include Direct Marketing in your Marketing Mix

In this digital age, it’s hard to know if direct mail marketing still has a place in the marketing mix. We’re here to tell you that not only does direct marketing still have its place, but when used in an integrated marketing approach it can provide tremendous results and return on investment (ROI). Here’s how:

1. Increase Reach of Your Campaigns

Canadians are bombarded by online advertisements and promotions everyday; from paid search, email marketing and even advertising on Facebook, the online world is a cluttered place.

By including direct marketing elements in your campaigns, you are able to break-through a cluttered online world and make contact with a highly targeted segment of individuals (just be sure to have a clean database!).

According to a 2010 study by Canada Post, consumers react to one-to-one channels differently depending on the offer. The study concluded that both direct marketing and email marketing work best together when they are used for different messaging:

Email is ideal for:

  • Invitations to Webinars
  • Newsletters
  • Purchase confirmations

Direct Mail is ideal for:

  • Special offers
  • Information about new products
  • Brand strengthening
  • Building customer relationships

When mirrored with the same messaging online, your campaign’s reach and recall only increases.

2. Increase Customer Recall and Engagement

Increase offline traffic to your website through using direct mail. Once there, you can use digital tools such as social media, email marketing and landing pages to further increase customer engagement and encourage a two-way dialogue.

So how can you best use direct mail to drive traffic to your website?

By using personal URLs, or PURLs. By using a PURL, you can drive offline traffic to personalized landing pages specific to their interests and needs which in turn increases response rates by providing relevant offers and messaging.

3. Increase Your Campaign ROI

By capitalizing on tools in both the digital and offline worlds, companies can increase their ROI by igniting a recall component to their campaign efforts.

Depending on the call to action you choose to include in your direct marketing campaign, direct marketing is also extremely useful for lead acquisition. Signing up for a newsletter, call for more information, download a resource – all of these calls to actions help to generation leads you can then nurture through email marketing.

Direct mail can also be a useful follow up and influencer in purchase behavior and can boost purchasing intent by up to 3%; by nurturing leads to a point of sales-ready, direct mail can be used to offer an incentive to ultimately push stuck leads into purchasing.


When used in conjunction with digital marketing tactics, Direct Marketing not only has a place, but can increase the effectiveness of your other marketing campaigns significantly.