Bring your print designs to life with these three new and innovative tactile finishes

Looking to increase your direct mail redemption rates? Our new innovative printing features allow you to differentiate your direct mail and allow your brand to stand out.

Gold Foiling example

Foil stamping has traditionally been an attractive yet expensive solution that requires custom die cuts, lengthy lead times and doesn’t allow for variable print options. Spot Gloss enhancements are spectacular at bringing attention to design elements but share many of the same challenges and Soft Touch finishes were exclusive to a class of premium brands and their VIP clients. IDRS offers all of these finishing solutions complete with full personalization options and more. Poof! Just like that, gone are the days of wanting something your creative budget can’t afford.

Foil Stamping example

These enhancements demand visual attention making the piece easier to understand and remember, often resulting in a higher motivation response. This impact is similar to shopping for a sweater in-store vs. online; shoppers who have the opportunity to touch and feel the product are more motivated to make a purchase compared to a hesitant online shopper.

Direct mail has consistently proven to be far more persuasive than digital media, more-so if it appeals to the senses; like touch. It’s time for you to dress up your direct mail and we can help. Call IDRS today (604.951.6855) for more information on adding print finishing solutions that complement your project and your budget.