Direct Mail Persuades

Break Through the Noise” a recent Canada Post Whitepaper discusses some of the strategies used to get your mail noticed by consumers, but most importantly it also explores the ability of direct mail to persuade.

A call to action can be considered the most important element of a promotion. The call to action is the part of your pitch that tells the consumer where to go and what to do, it’s their clear instructions to follow you to the next step. That next step could be to make a donation/purchase, visit a website, or call for a meeting or quote.

Canada Post found that consumers use Direct Mail to get ideas on both unintentional and planned purchases. Additionally 92% of consumers say they get ideas for household shopping trips from fliers, and 95% will check a flier once a month. Furthermore 64% visited a website in reaction to direct mail and 47% went a step further and visited a store. 50% on those polled said they have purchased a product in-store over the past six months as a result Canada Post Whitepaperof a direct mail ad. Another 33% said a catalogue had triggered a purchase in the last 6 months.

This just goes to prove that if you target consumers with Direct Mail that is relevant to them, they will take notice and take action. Direct Mails tangible nature and persistence gives the consumer many chances to react to it, and if the content is relevant and interesting, you have a great chance consumers will respond, if you show them how.

The full paper can be viewed here.

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