Direct Mail Persists

Direct Mail PlanningBreak Through the Noise” a recent Canada Post Whitepaper discusses some of the strategies used to get your mail noticed by consumers.

In previous posts we have talked about the Direct Mail ritual and how to get your DM noticed, but now let’s discuss how direct mail can persist longer than other promotional strategies. Canada Post found “Direct Mail is often displayed in prominent areas of the home, kept for extended periods, and shared with others”. This is great news for marketers since it means your message is given many chances to get noticed.

Online views can be extremely fleeting, but physical mail persists often garnering multiple views and being retained for future use. I don’t know about you, but when I receive coupons for fast food I keep them on the fridge or in my car, each time I see them it’s another reminder of where to eat when I need to catch a quick meal. Restaurant menus are kept in a kitchen drawer and I keep the catalogues to flip through. Canada Post found that mail is often kept for a month or longer, 53% of those polled kept fast food coupons over a month and 35% kept catalogues for the same time. They also found that 35% of promotional mail is passed along to others in shared households.

The persistence of physical mail is an important consideration when choosing to use direct mail, it’s also one of the reasons Direct Mail has remained so relevant and effective.

The full paper can be viewed here.

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